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Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Cleveland Browns

Sunday, January 8, 2023

The Pittsburgh Steelers take on the Cleveland Browns in 2022 NFL Regular Season Football action at Acrisure Stadium.

Accessing the Game





Gameday Info

 Parking Lots Open: TBD

  Will Call Open: TBD

Gates Open: TBD

     Kickoff: TBD

Be sure to access your digital ticket(s) and save to your Apple or Google Wallet before you arrive at Acrisure Stadium. Please have your digital ticket(s) ready on your phone as you arrive at the stadium gate.

Parking lots and garages open 5 hours prior to kickoff.

Fans are encouraged to arrive 2 hours early to avoid anticipated heavy traffic and last-minute crowds at the gate, and also to enjoy in-stadium pregame activities. All gates will open at TBD.

Know Before You Go

Acrisure Stadium Concessions are Cashless

Credit and debit cards are still accepted, as well as Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Access, Security, and Stadium Policies

The Steelers and Acrisure Stadium management are advising fans attending the game about some access and security matters, including the following stadium policies:

  • Walk-through metal detectors will be in place at every Acrisure Stadium entry point this year.
  • Signs and apparel with foul language or inappropriate messages are prohibited at Acrisure Stadium. Fans with signage or apparel bearing foul language will not be allowed into Acrisure Stadium or will be subject to expulsion from the stadium.
  • Media must present identification and check-in prior to being admitted to the stadium.
  • Media planning on exiting and re-entering the stadium at any point on game day must have their credential “scanned-out” before exiting in order for it to be valid for re-entry.

Acrisure Stadium management recommends that all fans lock their vehicles and keep personal belongings out of sight before entering the stadium. Fans are advised to not leave valuables in their vehicles during games.

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