Gold 1B

Gold Lot1B Directions

With construction of the Gold 1 Garage complete, there are some access changes we wanted to explain to assist in your drive home from the game.  In order to reduce the amount of Non-Lot 1 pedestrians cutting through the Lot, impacting safety, and delaying your vehicular exit, we have installed fencing along Art Rooney Avenue.  As you exit the Stadium, you will be diverted towards General Robinson, past the U-turn for Gold 1 Garage, before making a U-turn into Lot 1A at the intersection with General Robinson (please follow signage).  ADA access is provided at the Art Rooney entrance before the fence diverter for those who require that assistance.

After entering Lot 1A, you’ll need to walk through the entrance lane of Lot 1A to the exit lane of Lot 1B.  Staff will be available to assist with crossing the Gold 1 Garage access.  Once in your vehicle, please use the following exits based on your destination:

  • Reedsdale back exit serves Exit B for I-279 HOV.
  • Tony Dorsett side exit serves Exit C for I-376 / Rte 65 (make sure to use Left Added Curb Lane on Tony Dorsett).
  • General Robinson front exit serves Exit D for Rte 28.

If you haven’t already, we encourage you to download the Steelers Mobile App and signup for Gameday / Stadium Alerts to receive live traffic / parking push notifications on game day.  You should also refer to the back of your Pre-Sold parking pass and visit for Alternate Routes to / from the game.  We strive to provide the best total game day experience at Acrisure Stadium and hope you have a safe and enjoyable drive.