Gold 1 Garage

Gold 1 Garage Directions

With the construction of the Gold 1 Garage complete, there are some access changes we wanted to explain to assist in your drive home from the game.  In order to reduce the amount of Non-Lot 1 pedestrians cutting through the Lot, impacting safety, and delaying your vehicular exit, we have installed fencing along Art Rooney Avenue.  As you exit the Stadium, you will be diverted slightly towards General Robinson before making a U-turn to head towards the garage (please follow signage).  ADA access is provided at the Art Rooney entrance before the fence diverter for those who require that assistance.

After entering Lot 1A, you may use the close stairwell access or walk further to Lot 1B to access the elevators.  Once in your vehicle, please use the following garage exits based on your destination:

  • Stadium side garage exit serves Exit A for the slip ramp to I-376 / Rte 65.
  • Reedsdale back garage exit serves Exit A and Exit B and should be used for I-376 / Rte 65 and I-279 HOV.
  • General Robinson front garage exit serves Exit D for Rte 28.

Exiting flyers to remind you of these routes are also provided in the elevators and doorways.